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Sunday, May 11, 2014

2013 was a year i made alot of new friends and met old friends fromt he industry i love. heres some pictures

team flathead kyle robinson and kobayashi 
giles my main man. always there for us
tabuchi and kishimoto of japan blue . and momotaro awesome people
sarina of ironheart jp, enjoying some bronuts wonderful girls well meet again soon!
haraki san of ironheart jp. enjoying some bronuts
giles and paula of ironheart UK, awesome couple.

miki san of fullcount eventually became a good friend flyin over in june to see him again in osaka                                                            

hello guys forgot all about the blog! and i am back!

been busy with a lot of stuff like bronuts and lost and found and of course the daily grind as a project manager for wonderworks construction.

i miss ridin with my boys.

this little boy has been keeping me busy too

bronuts team

lost+ found and armoury trunk shows.

again this little boy

ill start posting some stuffs again soon and review of specific pairs of jeans  and boots.

miss yall


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Thursday, March 28, 2013

wesco boss + edieee special

wesco boss  interpreted by me again. built to my liking and how i want it when i ride my bike

bakers oxford edieee special

again the people over at bakers (
specially KYLE did a wonderful job on this special custom oxford they made for me! thanks so much!