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Friday, June 6, 2008

leathersoul hawaii: ultimate alden indies

from leathersoul hawaii the ultimate indies! thanks tom! these are my 1st indies but man im for sure getting a couple of more pairs!

eight G handpainted pocket arcs.. love it rare find... love the denim hairy rare rare rarity is the key

fob factory f098

fob factory f098 ww2 type cut i think
i just have to get one when i saw takashi-san on the site wearing these with a pair of custom smoke jumpers.. love it!

fullcount ww2 ss01xx first edition

fullcount ww2 type reissue painted on arcs and red tab and 13.5 oz fullcount denim! love it this is even better this is the 1st edition model!

flathead : 5100xx 10th anniverssary model

flathead 13.5oz denim loose staright type cutting old arcs painted on ww2 type..with red tab= priceless!!

the hunters : biggest levis infrigment jeans by WH co.

a rare pair got it off yahoo auction from a collector i think their the same company as warehouse..
love the arcs love the patch its ssooooooo levis hahaha pisses them off!

the steam locomotive : sd51xx

the steam locomotive : ww2 type cut pair with do it yourself arcs! love the patch high quality leather and the denim is lovely reminds me of flatheads very pronounced vertical streaks..

FOB factory f151 old arcs and tabs

fob factory as you know is one of the nice looking denim fades around.. they came out with some new arcs and green tabd and i hate it thank god i got one of the last pair on rakuten..

thanks macha san!

buco shirt and spenco insole and horse oil

horseoil from real mccoys to maintain the boot

shirt always a must have

and the insoles of course!

klax-on- strike gold sg 103 denim

came with a baby hanky too

klax-on one of my fav store in rakuten made their own line of denim 16oz of hairy nice qiuality denim..

real mccoys buco enigneer boots horsehide

reall mccoy did a fantastic job reproducing the buco engineer motorcycle boots

love the shape love the sole love the fit!

expensive though but definitely worth it!

ironheart : 21oz black denim engineers bag

ironheart 21oz denim in a bag! perfect! had to get a bag for my laptop had to get these.. so i can ut something else innit

nice bag!

eternal : 874 xx

eternal 874 xx type 50's type cutting

one wash 15oz denim very nice love the cut with the infamous eternal denim! nice combo!

samurai jeans : 10th anniverssary s510xx-sp

samurai jeans 10th anniversary pair

texas cotton
s510xx cut
hidden arcs