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Monday, November 8, 2010

samurai 48 oz of pure denim power!

whites smoke jumper boots okuyama san resole

thanks for bringing my babies home @ 13luckymonkeys

okuyama san did a good job on resole-ing my babies again! yeah and thank you very much to dante of 13 lucky monkeys for bringing them home heavy huh?

alden modified last captoe jump boot

wesco narrow engineer boots japan only

had a recent swap with craftworkwear ( bill) and yes i like these

alden leather soul ultimate indies and okuyama san soles!

can anyone beat okuyama sans work? i dont think so ! cats paw half soles

my baby geronimo

alden cordovan longwing day #8

2 year old lonewolf engineers

you guys like em ? ill beat the hell outta them so i can send it to okuyama san

wesco jobmaster eddie custom from ultrasound boots hk ltd.

fucking comfy love these ill beat the hell outta them!

newly shined c&j connaughts ! attention ethandesu

is this worthy ethan?

accidental meetup with alden rep in tassles hk

evisu type 1 number 1 denim jacket made in japan

been wearing this jacket for the past month or so i love it theyre japan number 1 denim evisu type 1 denim jacket the dneim is great i got these for a fraction of a cost on auctions but theyre basically new! never worn and they just soaked it

handpainted gulls and all so sweet


beend onning my hair this was for teh past couple of months ...well i should loose some weight though

my new hd roadking well i got it used

sorry for the long vacation been really busy with work and all got a tons of jeans and boots and jacket since my last post here .. itell you guys about it on christmas break!