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Thursday, January 31, 2008

where i keep my denimsand denimin rotation..

where i keep my denims...

and the wooden rack where hang my on rotation denims..

dinner with benny ,francis and the take5 staff!
benny took me out for dinner.. love the food this place near his store stewed fishhead , sauteed celery..beef soemthing love the food most of all love the people around me! francis was late for the dinner hahaha but its alrite we had a good time.. and we had lots of harbin beer.. best beer ive tasted.. thanks benny!

TAKE 5 JEANS hongkong

take 5 jeans in hongkong is prolly the best denims tore outside of japan!
the have all the brands you can imagine ! they have more stocks than the gap! ive been an avid customer and friend to benny and his staff , sam, ada, patrick , benny's wife and benny's sister they have allo been helpfulp and very accommodating ... check out their store i have nothing but praises for them please feel free to email them at


feel free to ask any q's tot ehm btw sam answers all the emails ! address the email to sam!

take5 lifystyle ...

redmoon keychain

redmoon keychain made from real brass. nice.. id rather loose the keys than these..

take5 has them too

flathead bracelet

f;athead sd colored bracelet got these from take5 too.. nice very nice quality

email them

redmoon mini hipbag

i use this mini hipbag to carry my pda phone got these over at take5 on my last trip... really useful and cool soft leather i like the smell on these it smells like chocolate.. i think they use chocolate as the stain? hmm... yummy!


been using these since april of last year they are awesome.. color has changed from sd to a nice caramel color...worth it all samurai leather products are really worth it and really nice and has very high quality ... very nice


take5 jeans hongkong collaborated with redmoon for these fantastic wallet been using these since august last year color has changed from the original sd color... very very nice you can see some indigo stain in them too... i love these wallet the difference between the ordinary redmoon with the same model is that these babies have a picture pocket inside the wallet and the red tab of take5 ! you can only get these at take5 hongkong nowhere else!

buy them here..


fantastic denim tote bag wish these were in selvedge jeans too thanks so much toshiko!


skulljeans range rbelt

nice perforrated belt from skull jeans.. one of my 1st belt from a japanese jeans company nice!


again from SAMURAI JEANS hardcore belt cost me an arm and a leg for a belt but! well worth it believe me im glad i got the last piece at 2nd...worth it real python skin on sd colored saddle leather and the pewter belt is just plain badass!!

SAMURAI JEANS : heavy curved belt

SAMURAI JEANS made their most hardcore heavy weight belt ever! 7mm thick! heavy saddle leather these guys are something else these will last you a lifetime!! the buckle along i think weighs around 1 kilo! really worth it you can these at any rakuten store that carries samurai jeans products

thanks so much toshiko!

you can get these at


rakuten store 2nd

clever-id X dolce vita collab with dolce vita a small leather ocmpany in japan to produce one of the most hardcore belt there is! really thick around 6mm and the buckle is really nice!

contact shizuo-san


kamida-san's eddieee custom wallet!

kamida-san a guy in japan that makes wallet rumor says that he uses the same leather as redmoon uses on their wallets! these are my custom wallet i think im the only guy who has these.. thanks so much miz-san for being the proxy on these!

post here if you want miz-san's email..

skull jeans be a man wallet.. and chain low profile wallet the leather is soft and nice.. ive used these for a couple of months but they dont carry enough stuffs like my current redmoon does so they have to stay aside first..

thank you shinichi-san!

heres where you can buy them

and take5 carries them too just recently they got the skul jeans accunt

toys mccoys truckers wallet in cordovan leather

got these wallet over at take5 on my last trip these are around 3000 hk dollars.. theyre made of corodvan leather ( horsehide) theyre nice high qulaity .. funnay leather company from japan made these for toys mccoys.. really nice i love the chain on these