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Monday, June 15, 2009

pure blue japan AI-001

arigato hide san!

30% off yey!

mfsc tee

great job christophe!

sda : ltd ed pair

let the pigs do the talking

the flathead 3007 bootcut RAW old arcs and red tab

buzz rickson A2 roughwear clothing

great jacket great leather another great from buzz rickson

denime x spirits store custom model

1o f 300 i believe or less...

viberg boots : thanks brett !

quality of these boots are superb way up there believe this canadian company is so underrated...i would order a couple of more pairs in a next few months from brett.. the owner personnaly talks to me and gets my order.. craftmanship is near perfect

warehouse varsity jacket 101 airborne !

got it for a really good price! brand new love the embroidery ... sick jacket

viberg accessories and shoe goos

thanks brett!!!

real mccoy buco tee


the flathead 3005 xx one wahs deadstock old arcs and red tab

go ahead sue me bitch!

rodeo uncle deadstock holy grail from del bombers!

levis would have sued the shit out of this company..

i think yamane san is related to this brand of jeans

bike gear and etc's

thank you macha san!