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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

what the fuck i am wearing tonight

japanese magazines new ones from take 5

freebies from 2nd ( )

freebies from 2nd

thats why i love 2nd they always send me these freeies little gift packs when i order something from them! i love 2nd

waywt the other day

ironheart hickory shirt

samurai s500vx 21oz

lonewolf engineers boots

evolution of samurai jeans long sleeve western shirt

been wearing htese for the past couple of weeks and i always wear a shirt underneath it..

you guys be the judge..

redmoon 15th anniverssary long wallet

redmoon 15th anniversary

these long wallet are huge compared to the regular long wallet i love the big coin honcho too

love the braid and the hook everything is worth it..

worth it!

the flathead 12th anniversary jeans Z3005

limited editions 3005 from flathead 50's type straight cutting jeans 14 1/2 oz denim
deerskin patch feee flathead hanky zipper fly what can you say???

the lathead western shirt

flathead western shirt

got these from 2nd ( )

love it love the detail flathead makes really nice shirts..